Welcome To Discord's Dungeon of Delightful Discipline 

How dare you enter my website without asking! Get on your knees NOW you insolent brat!

...Ha ha ha! Had you scared for a moment there, didn't I?! Dear me, you humans are so gullible :-D

So anyway, my name is Discord - Mistress Discord to you, unless you want to feel my paddle. If the eyes and teeth didn't give it away, I'm a vampire - those fangs are pretty damn sexy aren't they? - and I live here in a pleasant town called Wolf City, in a sweet little realm you call Purgatory. Sweet why? Well because, as you'll know from your classic literature, Purgatory is a place of suffering and punishment. That Dante guy left out most of the details about all the girlie discipline that goes on here, which is a shame, as he probably would've gotten much better sales figures. Oh well, his loss. Anyways : Wolf City, being the capital city of Purgatory, is mostly populated by extremely sexy young females who are in dire need of certain amounts of righteous punishment. Why they all tend to gravitate here is a mystery : chance, accident, design, or the mystical forces of karma and whateverthefrick, who are we to question this delightful phenomena?? Perhaps it's the reason *I* turned up here too ~ in the vast cosmic corporal punishment scheme of things, perhaps the strictest are drawn towards the naughtiest like moths to a magnet. Or such like. Higher forces with a sense of justice, a need for righting wrongs, or perhaps just a pervy lust of watching nubiles getting soundly spanked into repentance, could well be at work. And who are we to meddle with the forces of nature? If Wolf City needs strict dominatrixes, I'm proud to do my civic duty. Also, it has excellent beaches.

Um, excuse ME, when am I going to get a mention?!

Ooh, I'm forgetting my manners - let me introduce you to my girlfriend, lover, playmate, soulmate and general pain in the butt (in more ways than one), Torment.

Mmmm MMMM! Isn't she just the cutest thing you ever saw?

Heh, I'm far cuter than you, that's for sure!

Watch your mouth, you little upstart! Our guest here has come to see some sexy discipline action and we can start some right now if you'd like...?!


Exactly, so be quiet while I tell them a little about you.

Sorry about that, hopefully I can continue without any interruptions. Sweet little 'Mental isn't a vampire, but she is supernatural, and very skilled at Shibari Bondage Sorcery, meaning a quick little spell can have you tied up nice and helplessly tight in a mere second or so - a little talent than can produce much entertainment, let me tell you. Although a dominatrix bitch in her own right, a little incident in her past made her realise that she far preferred being the submissive in a relationship, so she came to Purgatori looking for a girlie who was worthy of dominating her. She would target a girl and try and dominate her - Torment was looking for a girl strong-willed enough to best her,  and she got through quite a few girlies until she came to Wolf City finally met her match ~ me! :-)  Sigh, it's a long and lovely story for another time, but basically it was love at first thwack, and we've been together ever since. Although I'm primarily dominant, we love to play and I often switch with her - though she's the ONLY person I will be submissive with, so don't go getting any ideas, alright?

Well now, enough of me talking, you came here for more interesting things than that, so why not have a bit browse and in the mean time, I think I'll have a little talk with Torment here about her clever little comments....