Maid's Revenge


On one of our regular long weekends, Torment decided to give her sexy French maid outfit another airing. She quite likes that frilly satin stuff. Needless to say, having a saucy minx on hand to dust my room is most appealing. The holiday was off to a good start. But...not for long.

I'm settling down for the evening, getting undressed for my nice soothing bubblebath, and suddenly in storms my private little maid, somewhat irate. The little upstart has the temerity to ask for a tip!!  I mean, can you believe it?! Just because she's a maid, she thinks she's entitled to remuneration! As if cleaning my room wasn't honour enough! Well, I was outraged. I told her to get lost, and be double quick about it. That didn't go down too well. Before I knew what was happening, the little tramp stormed over and shoved me down on the bed. Somehow my arms got trapped beneath me so I was helpless as she knelt on my back to keep me down. And then she gleefully caned my butt with the shaft of her very own feather duster! I couldn't believe it! I don't know how many strokes she gave me - she kept it up for ages and I lost count early on - but my butt was striped like a barcode! It was SO embarrassing! I finally had to relent and promised her payment. She gave me a few more thwacks to ensure I remembered my promise and then let me go. I was so sore! Bitch!