Bobbing for Apples


Well, the lovely Hallowe'en season is upon us once again, and in Wolf City things seem to stretch out for the whole month, with increased costume-wearing and trick-or-treating going on until the actual day. This is fine by us, as we often have appearances and parties to do as the Sting Sisters as well as messing about on our own.

So anyway, if anyone had bought the calendar you would have discovered that last year's Hallowe'en resulted in Torment getting herself a good hard spanking in the graveyard : she disappeared behind a gravestone to "rearrange her costume" and I caught her scoffing all the best sweeties out of my goodie bag >:-/  Needless to say, she regretted that action, but that devious little brat wasn't prepared to let things go…

This year, things started early, and we kicked off the start of the spooky season with a party/barbecue at our house. We had a ton of guests invited, and spent several weeks arranging everything - the pumpkins, food, decoration, competition prizes and the like. I got myself a delightful nurse outfit complete with lovely ruffled panties, and 'Mental spent a chunk of money on an elaborate leather outfit for her new character - Wicked Wasp. Of course, she immediately started an ongoing needling about how it was a far better outfit that Miss Beeatch's, which lead to one or two - ahem - altercations.

Anyhow : one of the main entertainments we had decided upon for the party was a traditional "bobbing for apples" - we hired a big tub and Torment surprisingly was very anxious to be in charge of this ~ so I let her, little knowing this was integral to her plot!

On the night of the party, Wicked Wasp buzzed in and proudly told me the best apple-bobbing set-up in town was now operational and pestered me until I agreed to go and see. It did indeed look good, but Waspie was anxious to see that it worked properly and batting her eyelids she sweetly said she wanted me to have the honour of testing it. I had no objections, and was about to try when Waspie pointed out that hands were not supposed to be used, and were traditionally secured behind the back with leather manacles ~ well, they are in Wolf City anyway. It just so happened that she'd thoughtfully also got some made when ordering her outfit, and so - I'm not proud of this - I unsuspectingly let her cuff my wrists behind my back. Ack, I feel so stupid : I should have known that little glint in her vicious violet eyes was a portent of pain!

With my arms secured, I leant over to try for an apple, and that infuriating minx put her hand between my shoulder blades and shoved my head under water! It was at this point I discovered that the fkng bitch had filled the tub with FREEZING COLD water.  When she let me up, I could barely speak, due to the cold and the anger. Unfortunately, that gave her time to laugh at me and call me some unpleasant names and reveal the highlight of her plot : not only had she had manacles made, she'd commissioned a nasty new leather paddle! Made of the same yellow and black leather but reinforced and weighted with large strategic studs, this fearsome implement - her Stinger, she calls it - was held delightedly in front of my face as she held me bent over the tub and gleefully told me I was going to pay for the spanking I administered last year.

Well, I struggled and fought (what do you mean, "yeah, right!"?!?!) but I was cuffed and helpless! My little flouncy skirt was turned up and tucked out the way under my arms, and then that Stinger smacked across my ruffled undies and I thought she'd set fire to my butt! That thing fkng lives up to its name!! As if that wasn't bad enough, 'Mental decided it would be deliciously amusing to push me over just a *little* further so that my chest was in the freezing water while she paddled me! Ice cold nipples and red hot bottom - quite a contrast!

My butt was absolutely GLOWING, when suddenly headlights interrupted us - the guests were arriving! Waspie untied me, and I was seething : my hair was drenched and matted, my nurse top was soaked transparent and I didn't have a bra on, and my poor bottom was on fire - and worst of all, I had no time to pay her back! As it was, I JUST managed to race upstairs and put a bra on before scampering back down as Torment ushered in the guests. I spent the night standing up, and meeting questions about my wet top and hair with a vague response and a steely glare than thankfully put off any further questions.

Oh well, the season's still young - and one of these nights, that Wicked Wasp is going to find herself well and truly SWATTED!!