Punished Punks

All good things come to those who wait, and all painful things come to those who act like brats! After a few weeks of internet teasing and graffiti insults sprayed around town, Brit beauty Headmistress finally managed to track down the Punk Prefects. They made the mistake of being overly cocky on the internet, and whilst insulting Headmistress yet again they made comments that they were going to christen another building with some insults directed at the interfering dominatrix and smugly gloated that there was nothing she could do about it. Well, the problem was that although they were cryptic about which building they were going to hit, they weren't cryptic enough, and some of the cosplay fangirls worked out that they were going to the construction site of the new Wolf City swimming baths. The excited girlies duly made arrangements via e-mail to turn up and try and catch a glimpse of the Punks, and maybe get some pics and autographs too. Unfortunately for the Punks, Headmistress is a million miles from dumb, and if a few fangirls could work out where the naughtiness was going to occur, so could she.

Come nightfall, the Punk Prefects appeared on scene and split up to do double the damage, unaware that a gaggle of excited fangirls were watching, and that the irate and vengeful Headmistress was lurking in the shadows.

Donna  Ramone was first to receive her long-overdue discipline. She had just finished spraying a newly-erected wall when the strong English beauty grabbed her. All cockiness left Donna in short order but her frantic apologies fell on deaf ears as the angry teacher dragged her to a nearby sawhorse, bent her over and held her firmly in place. The watching fangirls barely had time to get their cameras out before Donna's flouncy miniskirt was turned up, and the red-faced blue-haired brat was probably regretting the naughty choice of not wearing underwear as the heavy cane whacked into her bare bottom.


Naughty punk 

Donna gets caned by Headmistress!


Headmistress had a few weeks of anger and frustration to work off, and she set about that with great enthusiasm, caning Donna fast and hard. Shrieks and sobs rang out over the building site as 36 crisp red lines crisscrossed Donna's butt in under a minute and a half, pretty damn good work I'd say, considering force and accuracy weren't compromised at all!

Headmistress thought a lot more punishment was due, but another brat was due a dose too, and Headmistress was worried she would be alerted by the howls and make her escape, and so – leaving the sorry little brat draped over the sawhorse, Headmistress flitted off into the shadows, fast and silent.

Sadly for Miss Fits, she had decided to head to the supply area, to spray insults over some of the lumber and vandalise the supplies, and these were close to a generator supplying some security lights. She never heard the sobs of her punished girlfriend, and never saw Headmistress coming until it was too late. She tried to run but crashed straight into some of the metal drums she had kicked over minutes before. By chance she fell in a delightfully appropriate position over a drum, and before she could do anything about it, Headmistress stamped on her school tie, pinning her in position. A frantically floundering Miss Fits had her tight microskirt dragged up, and a flurry of searing whacks striped her lovely bottom.


Bad girl Miss Fits gets her bottom soundly caned by Headmistress!


Miss Fits does wear panties, but that thin metallic satin – what little there is of it! – did nothing to protect her.  The fangirls were treated to another display of fast, accurate and excruciatingly painful caning, and another display of tears, pleas and some very sexy squirming and leg-kicking. 36 red lines later, Headmistress vanished into the darkness and the fangirls split up as the sound of approaching sirens began to be heard above the sobs.

The very next day, these two delightful photos were posted on the cosplay message boards, much to the Punks' horror, along with many others and several breathless write-ups of the night's events. The icing on the cake was a mocking post from Headmistress herself. The Punks have since been keeping a low profile but are far from retired – word has it that this is just the beginning, and they're drawing up plans to give Headmistress a taste of her own medicine…